Sunday, February 7, 2010

I finally updated my blog. I don't even have a good excuse. But I decided the other day, I just might want a blog book since I have become awful at scrapbooking. So, if you have a day, there are quite a few posts. But don't worry, if you only look at the first post, I understand, there's a lot there and a bit of a bore. And I only updated through August! :)


No surprise, a Lighting McQueen race track for Parker's birthday. He loved his b-day. He thinks every birthday is now his birthday. Livvy had a fun summer outdoor party with a tie-dye cake, water fun, and tie-dye shirts.


Kayla started the day before Livvy. Kayla is now a big 4th grader and Livvy is an August birthday, so she is one of the oldest kids in the kindergartner class. The bus comes at 7:23 so they are up and at it early. Miss Livvy has always needed more sleep so this has been a struggle. I think we have only missed the bus twice, but I pretty much dress her in her sleep.


This is Livvy's first little best friend, Jacey. We spent a weekend with them at Bear Lake before they packed up and moved across the country. Livvy was so sad to see her leave. It was so sad to watch. One Sunday after she left, Livvy came in crying that she didn't want to go to church. She missed Jacey. We sat down and said a little prayer to help her and to help Jacey find new friends. Luckily school started and she has stayed so busy. But just the other afternoon we were going to watch a barbie movie and Livvy said, "I miss Jacey." I was thinking the same thing. Barbie movies were their favorite. They were such a great little pair together.